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My work and art explore the wild terrain of the heart. I believe that beneath our protective shells we are luminous, enlightened beings – authentic, open, deep, and kind. We are also mindless, messy creatures flopping around in the dark. I thoroughly appreciate this duality, and praise the paradox inherent in human life.

Here you will find samples of my music, writing, and workshops. Please have a look around, relax, and enjoy...

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Hi, dear friends! This is an update to let you know that my long-awaited album will be out in a few more months. After working on it for several years now, the project has taken a different direction and I will now be releasing a concept album called THE RAM SESSIONS. More details will be available shortly, so please stay tuned! Thank you for your patience and continued interest in my music—I really appreciate it and I so look forward to sharing the songs of my heart with you.


Please join me for a weekend workshop on Bhakti: The Yoga of Love, May 3-5, 2013 at the Kripalu Center. This retreat will delve into the path of bhakti yoga through kirtan and other practices to open the heart. There will also be a kirtan with Carrie and friends that is open to the public on Saturday evening, May 4th. Learn more and register here.


studioI am currently mixing my second album, Touch the Sky, and hope to release it in Winter 2014. This CD features ten tracks of original music and I am honored to have such incredible musicians on it, including: Brian Shankar Adler (percussion), Paul Avgerinos (bass), Steve Gorn (bansuri flute), Nityam Justin Hillman (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Noah Hoffeld (cello), Curtis Kelly (drumkit, vocals), Mark Kelso (piano), Roger Lipson (sitar), Karen Waltuch (viola), and others. Please stay tuned for the album release date!

My friend, the stain of the Great Dancer
has penetrated my body.
I drank the cup of music, and I am
hopelessly drunk. ~ Mirabai


I'm so happy to be starting on a second album and I would love your support! Please enjoy my little Kickstarter fundraising video and consider making a contribution or pre-ordering a CD. I would be so grateful!

Soma-Bandhu CD
Carrie's album, Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon,
is now available!

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Devotional singer Carrie Grossman channels the ancient sages with refreshing takes on traditional mantras... Her gentle, nurturing vocals envelop the listener in a veil of comfort and love. --
Yoga International